Just a girl, a fork, and the best restaurants I can find in and around Phoenix. Some places may have been lucky enough to have been photographed by me, and these pictures can be found directly under the name of the restaurant.

There’s no promise that this list will consist entirely of restaurants in Phoenix. So, sorry in advance for the occasional listing of a place outside of said city—I know everyone hates knowing about really good restaurants, wherever they may be.

Here is a list of the places I have been and lust for often:

Here is a list of the places I have never been yet still lust for:

  • Tapas Papas Fritas
  • AZ88
  • The Herb Box
  • Chestnut
  • Malees Thai
  • Pepin
  • Cowboy Ciao
  • Barrio Queen
  • Citizen Public House
  • The Gladly
  • Barrio Cafe
  • Noble Eatery
  • Revo Pizza Bar
  • Songbird Coffee
  • Barrio Urbano
  • The Main Ingredient
  • 24 Carrots
  • Pizzicletta
  • Little Cleo’s Seafood Legend
  • Crudo
  • Crave
  • DeSoto Central Market
  • Pink Pony
  • Tom’s Thumb
  • Andreoli’s Italian Grocer
  • Paradise Valley Burger Company
  • Nook Kitchen
  • La Piazza Al Forno
  • The Yard
  • Blue Hound Kitchen
  • SumoMaya
  • Otro Cafe
  • Central Bistro
  • The Greene House
  • Queen Creek Olive Mill
  • True Food Kitchen
  • Chestnut

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